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Chocolate Delight

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Indulge your day with our chocolate delight body butter. Not only will it leave you with an blinding glow, it also will leave your skin feeling smooth and smelling like a snack 😋 



Application: Apply a small amount on the dry area and massage it into your skin. Repeat until skin is completely moisturized.




Benefits of chocolate.  

  • High In Antioxidants: Chocolate sits on a mountain of potent antioxidants that ward of free radical damage and protects your skin. ...
  • Protects Skin From UV Damage. Practicing safe sun should be a top priority. ...
  • Provides Nourishment. ...
  • Detoxifies Skin. ...
  • Promotes Skin Glow.



Shea butter, coconut oil, coco butter, mango butter, and FO.