About us.

Meet True Beauty & Wellness, a company with an amazing blend of innovation and beauty. Skincare has been around for over a hundred thousand years, the purity of it has changed so much over time. Here at True Beauty and Wellness we strive to focus on the ALL NATURAL, ORGANIC, CRUELTY FREE, PLANT BASED way of caring your skin. 


Our value

Our mission is to create a lifestyle skincare brand that feels luxurious and nurtures your skin with everything it deserves. TBW products are gentle yet effective and each ingredient is carefully chosen to cater to your skin. We only test our products on family, friends, and our selves. We truly believe that less is more and believe that you don't have to compromise when it comes to simplifying or enhancing your skincare routine.



ALL NATURAL, ORGANIC, CRUELTY FREE, PLANT BASED is what we focus on when creating new and exclusive products. We are always open about the quality and type of ingredients we choose for our products. We believe that " Natural & Organic " should have a real meaning beyond 7 letter words.