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Mirror Chrome Pigments

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Shop our Chrome Pigments for an ultimate upgrade on your nail services! Our pigment are rich in colors and easy to apply  




How to use: 1.Apply a base coat on your nail and cure by UV/LED lamp until it totally dry.

2.Apply any color Gel on your nail,Preferably black, because usually a black background works best for chrome powder, and cure by UV/LED lamp 60-120s until it totally dry.

3.important!This step will determine if you can make a mirror effect or not. Apply no wipe top coat on your nail, be any other top coat if you want mirror effect, and cure by UV/LED lamp 10-20 seconds(Depends on the power of the lamp),if it's too dry will be hard to apply powder, but if it's too wet ,it will not get the mirror effect.

4.Take a small amount of powder with a cotton swab in the bag, and apply it onto your nail until the color completely covered.

5.Apply top coat and cure by UV/LED lamp until it totally dry.